Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bon Voyage, Vanessa Cardui L.!

After observing them a few days, we released our five painted lady butterflies last week. One was mad to be off and zoomed out of the Butterfly Garden as soon as I unzipped the top. The others had to be coaxed into the wide, blue yonder. The last one seemed the least eager to go, and rested a few moments in Tiny Girl's hair before flitting off at last.


  1. Of course they didn't want to leave. How sweet that TG received a parting "hug". Frogs, butterflies...what's next?

  2. OK, earlier, I wasn't even able to click on comment!
    Now I can type in the box and ...

  3. ... yay! I can comment.
    This is like some kind of bizarre initiation rite! I feel as if I have truly achieved.
    Oh and I love your butterflies :D


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