Friday, September 12, 2014

Peaches in September

Ever since I fell in love with Mary Chapin Carpenter's song, "I Am a Town," the month of September means peaches to me. Have you heard this song? Take a couple of minutes to click below, close your eyes, and soak it up. It's my gift to you today.

Isn't that pure perfection?

Last night, I made a quick peach crisp with South Carolina peaches. Yes, I know I live in the "Peach State," but South Carolina actually produces more peaches than Georgia does. Instead of following a recipe, I did this:

I peeled three peaches and sliced them up. I placed them in a small Corningware casserole dish. I sprinkled a bit of sugar over the peaches. Then I mixed rolled oats and flour together at a 3:1 ratio, diced up some butter and "forked" it into the oat/flour, added some brown sugar and a bit of cinnamon, and mixed with my fingers until it was crumbly and yummy. (I tested it to make sure.) I sprinkled this over the peaches. I like lots of topping. Then I baked everything at 350 til the topping was light brown and crunchy.


This was wonderful both warm and cold. No cornstarch, no lemon juice, little sugar, pure flavor.

And if this is your first introduction to Mary Chapin Carpenter, you're welcome.

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  1. Hi Ellen, Your peach crisp sounds so delicious. Thank you for sharing your steps. I do gluten free but I can sub the flour and oats and I am sure it will be just as good.
    I love the music of Mary Chapin Carpenter.
    Have a great weekend and a Happy September.

  2. I * adore* Mary Chapin Carpenter, and listened to her so much when I lived in South Carolina, and my heart still bleeds. Both she and James Taylor (Carolina on my Mind) have the ability to make me weep for times gone by....


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