Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A New Guest at the Feeder

We FINALLY hung one of our bird feeders up on the deck right outside the kitchen window. We still have two more to hang, but I need to get feeder posts suitable for the deck to hang the feeders.

One of my "must haves" when we were house hunting was a kitchen window with a view to the outdoors. Many houses around here have interior kitchens. No, thank you. As much as we love bird-watching, a room with a view was non-negotiable.

I posted quite a bit about birds in the past, and I'll get back into the habit when I get back into blogging like I used to. With the switch in focus (and life), I'm still trying to find my groove. And unpack boxes. Yes, still.

Anyway, I was super excited to have this visitor last week:


Yes, it's the aptly-named red-headed woodpecker. Aren't they gorgeous?

Unfortunately, they have "near threatened" conservation status. Partners in Flight list them as a "Common Bird in Steep Decline." Why? One major reason is that they nest in dead trees or dead parts of live trees. As development spreads, dead trees are removed from the landscape. And even though red-headed woodpeckers will nest in utility poles, studies have shown that eggs do not hatch in newer poles, probably due to creosote.

I only saw this beauty for two days. It visited my feeder several times for the black-oil sunflower seed I serve. They are big insect eaters; perhaps our warmer weather has made for an increase in the insect buffet around here. I hope so.

Wouldn't it be a huge shame to lose such a beautiful species?

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  1. Lucky you! We're still trying to attract smaller birds to our feeders. The pigeons and magpies have found them, though. And the starlings. Not that I begrudge any of them food. I have seen a few robins and a sparrow at the ground feeder. I'd love to have the blue tits come. And I'm hearing the song of either the willow warbler or the chaffinch, but can't tell the difference! Birds are so important.

  2. Hi Ellen, So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by, your kind comment and for the pin on my French bucket.
    So enjoyed your post and the woodpecker is pretty with his red head, Love your pic. We had one in our front Oak tree but I could never manage a photo. He let me know he was there by the pecking on the tree. Never could make out the song he was tapping. LOL

    Love your blog and a new follower now too.
    Have a great rest of the week and Happy Mother's Day.
    Blessings XO

  3. Hello Ellen. I love that photos of the red-headed woodpecker. What a beautiful bird. Such a shame that they are in decline. We need to make a difference. Thank you for creating awareness and for informing us on this subject. I enjoyed reading your post very much.

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving me your sweet comment. It is truly appreciated. It is wonderful to meet you.


  4. They are gorgeous. I didn't realize they were in decline but I guess it's not surprising. We have them around here quite often.

  5. I am a late "replier" but it was so fun to hear that you had honeymooned in Scotland and gone up to Skye! What a beautiful place to be!

  6. Hi Ellen! Oh, this makes me so sad that they are losing their habitat to never-ending construction. It's the same in our area. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy your little visitor and I hope he has a nice safe tree to live in. I've been enjoying the hummingbirds that are visiting us constantly and, of course, our bluebirds! I hope you have a wonderful week!


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