Friday, December 13, 2013

Confessions of a Mediocre Cook: Buttermilk Pie (YES!)

When I made Miss Priss's birthday cake, I had quite a bit of buttermilk left over. I wasn't going to drink the stuff, so I thrashed around about what to do with it. Pouring it down the drain was not an option for me.

I recalled seeing a buttermilk pie recipe in my church's cookbook, but I can't put my hands on that cookbook yet; it's still packed up. Grrr. So a-searching I did go. Online.

And I found this wonderful and highly-rated recipe at And I pinned it for future reference. If you like custard, you will enjoy this easy-peasy pie. One change I made: I used cinnamon instead of nutmeg. I had enough ingredients to make two pies, so we ate one and the other I shared with my neighbors.

Also, take care when baking. The top of my first pie browned too early, and when I tried to cover the top with foil, the foil stuck to the top of the pie and then pulled it off when I removed the foil. Grrr again. For the second pie, I lowered the top rack in my oven and then tented a sheet of foil over the top of the pie when I first popped it into the oven. It looked much prettier. That's the one I gave to my neighbors.

This recipe is a keeper. In fact, I see it's time for elevenses. A slice of buttermilk pie and a cup of hot tea sounds perfect about now!


  1. Dear Ellen,
    wishing you and your family a very joyous and peaceful Christmas, the first in your new house. The buttermilk pie looks very interesting but I've never found buttermilk in the shops in Scotland!
    love from Christine

  2. Hi there, thanks so much for your sweet comment you left on my blog Little Brags on the passing of our Bruce. I tried to reply directly via email but seems you are a non reply blogger. Thanks a million

  3. Have never hear of buttermilk pie sounds interesting!!! I was a lot of buttermilk for pancakes. Thanks for stopping by, Laura


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