Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The House Unseen

We have a contract on our new house; I've yet to see it in person. And I won't until we head home sometime in August. After the closing.

Some of my friends were incredulous that I would head on up to Maine with the girls and leave the house-hunting to Himself. "You're going to let your husband pick out your new house? All by himself?"

Well, not really. Our agent, a longtime personal friend, would be with him. She knows quite well my tastes and must-have non-negotiables. And Himself, usually not quite as tuned in to my nesting needs as I would like, applied himself to the task as if his future marital happiness depended upon his good performance with this task.

Because it did, of course.

And he exhibited all the required and necessary signs of complete understanding of this fact. So I was more at ease with the situation than one might think.

The new house looks wonderful from the outside (I've seen lots of photos, thanks to Realtor.com and my beloved), but the inside needs serious updating. All the systems, gutters, and roof are newer, though, which is good, since updating those cost serious money. And we can take our time doing the rest.

This will be the third house we've updated, so we have some experience in this area. In fact, I'd said I didn't want to buy another that needed interior work. But I ate my words when I found that this house has a lot of features I like. There's an upstairs bonus room (with stairs down to the kitchen, too) that will serve very well for a school room. There's also a finished basement with a rec room, bathroom, and fifth bedroom. And a screened porch off the family room. The kitchen has a lot of counter space and a built-in desk. I love desks in kitchens!

And to be honest, I'm looking forward to decorating this house to my (okay, our, but only if I have to kowtow to someone else's opinions) tastes.

Wouldn't a claw foot tub be fabulous in the master bath? I think so, too.


  1. Many congratulations, Ellen! As you may know, we put an offer on a house before I had seen it, for similar reasons to you. (I have seen it now, and love it.)

    I wish you well for all the next steps.

  2. a claw foot tub would be the topper for sure! Congratulations - it sounds perfect! You had me at screened porch...


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