Monday, April 15, 2013

Finally, a Daily Schedule System That WORKS!


In our years of homeschooling, I've used a variety of scheduling methods. I've tended to stay with one for myself, but the girls' I've altered and changed in an attempt to find what works best. Here's what I have learned:

  • Weekly printouts with each week's assignments designated by day (which is the system I use for myself) tend to disappear during the week.
  • Daily printouts of each day's work disappear during the day -- at least with one my children they did.
  • With printouts, one child tended to check off assignments diligently, and the other needed reminding. Frequently. As in several times a day.
  • Whiteboard method, with each day's assignments listed to be check off as completed worked well, but the large whiteboard took up quite a bit of room in my small kitchen AND hid a lovely painting (a fact Miss Priss detested). Also, I had to write out each day's complete lessons and assignments each day. (Quelle surprise.) I thought I'd take the board down every day after lessons were completed, but I didn't. (Ditto.)

A few weeks ago, I came up with our new system and it is working well. I designed one template (which I have available on Scribd in both Word and PDF formats, so download at your pleasure), printed it out, and then secured it in an 81/2 x 11 frame. I included everyday lessons on the printout, so I only have to write in that day's reading assignments and activities directly on the frame's glass. I use a fine-point wet-erase marker (Vis-a-vis). The girls use the same marker to check off assignments as they complete them. A quick spritz and wipe, and it's all ready for the next day.

Here's a peek at the Scribd document:

You can alter it to best suit your family's needs. Or use it as a beginning point to create your own.

This system has been a wonderful solution for us. It only takes a few moments to jot down that day's readings and activities; there's no paper schedules for the girls to keep track of; and it's easy to alter if need be. Plus, I write down my errands in the Notes section, so the girls can see my agenda for the day.

And everyone can now see the lovely painting in the breakfast room.


  1. I've always done something similar. I have a list of subjects with a check box that I laminated and 3-hole punched; it's the first page in each of my kids' binder. I love the idea of putting it in a frame like this but subjects vary since I my kids are in 1st, 8th and 11th - their subjects vary too much. btw, browsing thru your blog and noticed you're reading "Look Again" now, loved that book!!


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