Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Article in Impart Magazine: Releasing the Dream of a Normal Life

If you're like me, the idea of a normal life is a teasing, tempting one -- and always just out of reach. Perhaps, though, chasing this particular dream keeps us from living the life we're really meant to live.

I have an article about this very thing in this month's Impart magazine, a particularly lovely digital publication. I hope you'll pop over and have a read. And I'd love to hear your thoughts afterward!


  1. What a coincidence. One of my last posts touched on exactly this from a different angle.

    I do think it is our faulty logic of seeing things as problems and solutions, lists, devotionals, self help books, 10 steps to organization, 5 keys to success... life is not a set of things to sort out in a perfect combination, life is much more than things we can control... if we saw life as something poetic, mysterious, versus plain 'safe or expected normal', our weeks would be not just normal, or weird, but simply GREAT, each and everyone.

    The real is the ideal. Our ideal is a narrow view coming from a faulty perception, culturally neurotic, and materialistic too.

    Sorry, I never said I enjoyed your article VERY MUCH. It made me laugh too! And I did not say I have fallen in this trap myself, and it is only lately I am learning to change my approach to life and thus my expectations... and even so, I come back to the old (complain, expect the week to be normal, etc.), more frequently than I wish it happened, LOL.

  2. Congratulations on your article! I'll read it when I have a little bit more time. The title says so much. Do you know I lived in the town of Normal, Illinois for four years? It gives a new dimension to the concept of Normal!


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