Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My (Dis)Organization System

My study, where all our school materials are kept, is a living example of the law of entropy in action.

I clean it out and reorganize everything about two times per year, but it's natural state of being is. . . well, messy. This does not mean I don't know where things are, in a general sort of way. In that stack are the books we're reading now. In that stack are ones to list on Amazon or Paperback Swap. And in that stack are books the girls have read but can't part with. Oh, and these books are ones to read later.

There are also craft supplies and art projects in various states of completion. And the girls' other stuff, too.

Why are these stacks all over the floor, you ask? Well, because the shelves are full. Duh.

And my desk. These are bills to pay. These are materials I'm reviewing for a curriculum website. These are two catalogs I must look over. Here are some printouts for the girls. And here's a menu from a restaurant I'm reviewing for TripAdvisor. And these brochures are for a future blog post. Then there are papers to file.

Notice I didn't mention the Oreos.

I can hear (some of) you now. Why doesn't my study (schoolroom, bookshelves, floor, et al) resemble those we see on other home ed bloggers' sites? Surely this is a a hazard to our home education lifestyle? Or perhaps even a character flaw? Believe me, I've wondered the same thing at one time or another.

So why the full disclosure?

Well, my guess is that there are quite a few of you out there who might also have a bit of clutter in your lives. And it might not be your preference, but in this season of your life, it's just the way it is.

I've decided to be okay with that. True, I'd prefer things to be tidier at home, but a rich life is my top priority. We are busy with educational pursuits, outside activities, church events, and other things. We read a lot. I write. As far as household management goes, we stay on top of laundry. Dishes are washed and put away. The family is well nourished. The bills get paid. Everything else gets done when we can do it.

We are blessed.


  1. Amen, Ellen. Your learning space looks very pretty and cozy to me!

  2. Those piles look familiar. I thought getting organized with an all new IKEA classroom was going to make it better, and it is somewhat, but apparently once a piler, always a piler.

  3. Thank you, Silvia! We cozy up on the couch to read together, or the girls find their own spots to read individually.

  4. Mary, yes, I agree with your conclusion. Himself calls me a "stacker." I believe it's genetic; my parents do the same thing. Why fight nature AND nurture put together?!

  5. The clutter in my life is yes, I can relate. I found you through hip homeschool moms and I wondered if you would like to participate in my "Who Home Schools?" weekly feature. You can read about it on
    If you are interested, please send me an email.

  6. Love this! I can totally relate:)


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