Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where Are Your Manners?

Or: "Were you raised in a barn?"

Look around you. It's sweeping the nation, this new epidemic called bad manners.

I could go on for days about this, since it's a particular peeve of mine. Instead, I offer you this: a marvelous review by Tricia over on the Curriculum Choice site, wherein she tells us of two fabulous resources, Manners Made Easy and Manners Made Easy for Teens, both by June Hines Moore.

You might also chuckle over Bernard Salt's lament, which I found both entertaining and true.

Thank you for reading my blog!

And thank you for waving in acknowledgement when I let your car out in front of mine whilst we're embroiled in traffic.


  1. I was having a very similar conversation with my neighbour the other day - she was saying how rude people have become. Her example was that a young man who has helped out with the school's football team all year, putting in many hours after his full-time job and also on weekends, was never even thanked or given a card by the parents of the children on the team.

    I also found the Bernard Salt article rang a few bells. I will say that one aspect of the problem is all the new technology that has come into our lives. Some people at my job think it's perfectly acceptable to be answering their email on their smartphone during a meeting, while other people feel that is very rude. I have to say that in my experience, the email answerers seem to be in the majority and therefore win, although people are too afraid to discuss it openly. Everyone can bring arguments to support their side of things... sigh!

    One more example: a colleague who was giving a 50-minute lecture at a university was amazed to see a student saunter in 40 minutes late. He asked the student to leave. The student complained and the complaint was upheld and the lecturer was scolded for excluding someone.

    Strange times we live in.

  2. Laughing.. because 'were you raised in a barn?' is one of the things I really wanted to say in that review :)

    And definitely joining you in the "thank you for waving in acknowledgement when I let your car out in front of mine whilst we're embroiled in traffic."
    Plus thank you for sharing my review! They really are great resources.

  3. You are SO RIGHT!! I think that the advent of Facebook has escalated people's rudeness to a whole new level, too. People have no FILTER anymore and it's very sad!


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