Friday, August 10, 2012

An Installment from Tiny Girl

Tiny Girl found this wonderful short video on YouTube, and she asked me to share it with our blog friends.  It's a little glimpse into her heart and life. Here 'tis:


  1. When our children have a dream like this we can't help but help them as much as possible. This was brought home this week to me as I watched my middle son fly off in a small plane waving to me as he passed me by on the runway. You feel proud that they have the spirit inside to follow a dream and make it happen.

    Sweet, sweet, sweet. Good job mama.

  2. Can you get the Olympic coverage from the BBC here?
    Sorry, we can't help being a wee bit proud of our dressage team (first medal ever and it was gold) lovely lovely Charlotte who got the individual gold, and our fab showjumpers who also got team gold! (And our eventers were none too shabby with team silver lol) - Buuuuut if you can access this, it's everyone, in real time.


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