Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Happenings: First Week in Maine!

We've been at the cabin for one week, and I'm feeling weird. I haven't yet completely relaxed. I'm also having trouble staying connected to the online world. I have to go to the library to use my laptop as there's no internet at the cabin. I can read some emails, get Facebook and Twitter, and access the web on my smartphone, but that really only works for basic communication. I know it's better than nothing, but when one is used to a certain level of interaction. . . . Well, it takes some getting used to.

On the other hand, I'm also feeling good. (Himself always points out that "well" is the word I should use, but to me that sounds more like the opposite of "ill." So I use "good.") I'm back at the helm of our boat. Tiny Girl has had a big time kneeboarding and wakeboarding. (Miss Priss demurrs.) Both girls and our neighbors have had a blast tubing. We've eaten lobster and seen lots of friends.

Here are a few photos of some adventures, in no particular order:

Georgette's first trip on the boat. 

Waiting for AAA at Gettysburg National Military Park. The van overheated and needed a new battery. We only visited three stops on the audio auto tour.

Jasper likes to swim in the lake to cool off. So far, Georgette is not tempted. 

A quick break at a rest stop to stretch our legs.

A homemade lobster roll, chips, and coleslaw (also homemade by me).

We're reading a lot. I'm still at work on Elizabeth and Mary; the girls are re-reading the Sisters Grimm series. I also read Revolution, by Jennifer Donnelly, whose A Northern Light I really enjoyed. Her latest is interesting, but I didn't like it nearly as well as her first. I found the circumstances and characters so dark as to be dispiriting. And I don't mind dark. But the teenage characters, rich Brooklynites all, are irritatingly noir. I know there are better literary and philosophical terms for it, but such terms escape my feeble brain at the present time. Dissolute comes to mind. So does libertine. You get the idea.

I suppose as a homeschooling parent I should be feverishly planning our next year, but I'm not. I'm taking a break. And I'm not ashamed to proclaim it!

Happy summer!


  1. I'm not planning next year either!

  2. Missing you all!!!! Would love to be sharing that lobster roll with you!

    Enjoy your break. :)

  3. Yum...lobster roll! I'm hoping to get me one of those this coming week when the kids and I head off to visit my family. (My Dad is a lobsterman.)

    So, you're in my "neck of the woods", huh? Been muggy lately! Ugh! But how nice you're on the lake!

  4. Wow -- the Lobster Roll looks so good.

    No internet... that actually sounds pretty heavenly to me, but I bet after a bit it does get a wee bit frustrating. I am craving some solitude right about now!

    Enjoy your time, Ellen!

  5. SO glad to hear someone else is breaking too! I am a homeschooling parent and when we finished for the year about 3 weeks ago I think my whole mind and body just shut down! I stopped blogging, haven't done much of any planning, and instead I have been enjoying the kids, and some downtime for me to read and relax as I would choose! Thanks for sharing with us over at NOBH!

  6. Have fun! The lobster roll looks yummy. I'm off to look for recipes.


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