Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Blessing and Bliss of Summer-Slow Mornings

We're moving more slowly in the mornings now. It's our summer schedule. We're finishing up readings and doing some math every day, but our pace is slower. We like it.

There's a bit more time to read.

The red-checked chair in the dining room is a favorite spot to read and talk. 

There's a bit more time to play.

Duck Life.

Since we're living the suburban American dream lifestyle (a big AHEM), we are also busy with summertime activities. Swim team practice is going strong for Tiny Girl. VBS is around the corner for Miss Priss and me. The girls' piano recital is next week. I'm again co-chair for swim meet concessions -- a big job. Woven through all of this is Tiny Girl's riding.

But this is all normal for June.

With the bulk of our scheduled school complete, we can relax longer in the mornings. There are more "I get to's" than "I have to's" for everyone. Including me.



  1. That sounds very well-deserved. Enjoy! (And: what does VBS mean, out of curiosity?)


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