Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Going On Right Now...

Oh, my word. Have we been busy! This past weekend was the horse show season finale for one of our state's largest equestrian association, and Tiny Girl qualified. We were at the equestrian park most of Thursday AND Friday, from 6:30 AM til 2:00 PM Saturday, and from 10 AM til 3:30 PM on Sunday. My folks spent Friday and Saturday nights with us to watch her compete. On Saturday, she won three eight-place ribbons out of 18 other riders, so we were happy for her. But during Sunday's derby, her pony, Tappy, ran out on one of the 10 jumps (she ran around the jump), so they didn't make the cut. It was a shame because the rest of the course was beautiful. Ah, well.

Last night was the Christmas piano recital. Miss Priss, bless her heart, had to sit out this year; her cast for the broken right wrist keeps her from playing.

Today, we made sandwiches for a homeless shelter downtown. Several of our church members are going there on Thanksgiving Day to serve the men, and we're also providing bag lunches for the next day. The girls and I made four loaves of sandwiches and also provided packs of cookies. And this evening, tonight's my night to cook supper for a neighborhood family whose son was just released from the hospital following surgery.

Since our school week was cut short last week, we are catching up on some readings and working on multiplication tables this week. And of course we're gearing up for our family Thanksgiving. More on that tomorrow!

What's going on at your house right now?


  1. Wow, tired just reading all that :) But I would love to be with you serving the sandwiches. I don't know if our church does anything like this and I'm not yet familiar with the area to know who/where to go.
    God bless you for doing it. I already wished you a Happy Thanksgiving but another one won't hurt!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. And congratulations, Tiny on your wins!!

  3. The Dance Concert - that's what's going on around here. Who would have thought that a group of 9 year olds would need so many extra practice sessions in the lead up to Christmas?

    That and the Staff Christmas Party. Not even thinking about that yet...


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