Monday, October 3, 2011

Icing on the Cake: Activities and Pursuits

When I posted about our academic plans, I neglected to include our activities. Granted, activities may not fall under the academic umbrella, but they do add to our enjoyment of life, provide learning opportunities, and encourage personal growth. So what's not to love?

(Maybe the hectic schedule they help to create? Can I get an amen?)

Mondays: Tiny Girl has her riding lesson, and Miss Priss has her (new for us) drama troupe.
Tuesdays: Piano lessons
Wednesdays: Practice ride for Tiny Girl; onCore (our program for elementary-aged children) for Tiny Girl and me (I teach 4th and 5th-grade girls in Bible class); Bible study for Miss Priss
Thursdays: FREE
Fridays: Practice ride for Tiny Girl
Saturdays: Free or another practice ride
Sundays: Church and then late-afternoon choir practice for Miss Priss. Girl Scout meetings MAY meet on Sunday evenings as well (once a month), since that time slot works best for our troop.

Those of you well-versed in equine activities will know that any trip to the barn takes at the very least two hours and quite often more. So we're there a lot. I like it best when the temperature is not freezing cold or blistering hot.

Compared to many of our neighbors, this is an easy activity schedule. Only on one day do we rush from one activity to another (Monday), and there's even an hour of breathing room between! For me, our schedule is just busy enough. One more thing, and I'd be pushed to the breaking point. Or crazy point.

What about you? What's a balanced schedule to your way of thinking?

By the way, as far as icing goes: my new personal favorite is salted caramel frosting. I'm having palpitations just thinking about it.


  1. Salted caramel frosting. Right. Where's the recipe? :-)

  2. I have friends that head to the barn to care for and ride horses. I've heard of the time investment! I love, love our 'at home' days. But, like you, we are in drama troupe and have church choir as well as a couple of monthly enrichment activities. All very good things.

    Yes, could use some of that caramel frosting right about now!


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