Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Christmas Treat Ideas

Well, so much for my choosing only a couple of treats to make and share this year.  I keep getting emails and visiting websites and blogs featuring all sorts of tempting recipes for the Christmas season.  Take the two here, for example, from the Kraft website:

One Bowl Cranberry Bark seems really easy and delicious, two of my requirements if I'm to keep my sanity.  Since the recipe calls for dried cranberries, you could use the orange- or cherry-infused Craisins for a variety of flavors.

Buckeye Bars sound fabulous!  A dear friend of mine and her family make hundreds of Buckeyes to hand out to their friends each Christmas; I have to say, those of us fortunate enough to land a bag of these particular delights look forward to it every year!  But all that rolling and dipping. . .  pure tedium.  These bars, however, promise all the lusciousness of buckeyes with less work.  What's not to love?

Happy treat-making and eating (of course!)

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