Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hit By a Very Small Tornado

And his name is Jasper!  We brought home our Pembroke welsh corgi puppy last Sunday, and to say our lives are forever altered would be an understatement.  My plans for the week have gone somewhat by the wayside as we learn to adapt.  Who wants to do copywork when Jasper wants to play, I ask you?  And I've had a hard time fitting in all I need/want to do, like attend to my blog or pick up around the house.  I haven't stressed about it, though.  Things will settle down in more of a routine soon enough.  Besides, we're having a blast!

In the meantime, though, cast your eyes on this precious face.  Is he not the cutest pup you've ever seen?


  1. He surely IS...I was missing you, Ellen, I cherish my CM friends who post nice things or drop an occasional comment.
    I liked the way Susan defended her method and it's no surprise many CM people love her Story of the World volumes.
    I'm not there yet, but maybe Susan is closer to my idea of teaching a bit of grammar, if only orally, and I like she puts a bit more emphasis in the writing skills too, which I've seen a CM mom teaching with living books in an easy and short way with her second grader.
    I know you'll do a FENOMENAL job. I truly believe that those who tweak CM and Classic Education, with some ideas and creativity of their own, have the best of all the hs world!
    I'm ordering Levison books this weekend (I managed to sell some things I hadn't use and I have 'credit'!
    Enjoy your break, Jasper merited it. Looking forward to hearing more from all of you.

  2. well, no, sadly, he isn't because obviously I do have the cutest puppy in the world *right here* but I'll grant you second cutest, how's that?

    Oh and definitely pointiest ears. Does he have some Vulcan in there somewhere? Vulcan Corgi mix maybe ??!! LOL Only kidding, I know he's the purest of purebreds!

    He's adorable. Have fun.

  3. Jackie, how's this for a compromise? Morse is the cutest puppy on your side of the Atlantic, and Jasper is the cutest puppy on mine. I admit that "the whole world" statement was a bit much. :-)

  4. You have a deal - mind you, Morse is growing so quickly, he's a big old dog by now!
    Still adorable though, he just has to gather quite considerable speed in order to land successfully on your lap !!!


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