Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

I had several non-school-related items on my calendar that took my time and attention this week.  And before I knew it, it was Friday, the first day of the Great Backyard Bird Count, an activity that took most of our morning.  While that sounds impossible, let me assure you that it is not.  Counting birds at our feeder interrupted every attempt at schoolwork.  "There's another cardinal! Mark it down!"  "Oh, look! A chickadee!"  See what I mean?

Then I had every intention of finishing this afternoon, after their Friday classes at Timothy Ministry.  But before 2 PM, it started to snow.  You should know that snow is a novelty where we live.  The schools let out early, and my girls were called away by friends to come out and play.  I'm not such an ogre as to deny them an afternoon of wet, freezing escapades outside and hot chocolate inside.

I'm not really in the mood to delineate every thing in which we are now behind schedule.  But I am comforted by the fact that schedules can be rearranged, activities can be reworked, and assignments can be worked in.  Or rescheduled, which is most likely what will happen.

So instead of moaning about it, I'm going to enjoy watching the snow from the study window and be thankful.  Here's what I can see.  Isn't it glorious?

A yellow-rumped warbler at the tray feeder.  I'm going out in a moment to wipe the snow off the seed.

The view from my study window.

Looking up at the trees out of my kitchen window.


  1. The backyard bird count sounds like fun. You have such a great attitude about being slightly behind, that flexibility is such a blessing in homeschooling.

  2. Those pictures are beautiful. Snow is beautiful. Glad we don't have it for months at a time, though.

  3. Beautiful!! We've had a bit of unusual snow here too.

    The bird count sounds like fun. We're going to be studying birds, in depth, next year. I'll have to remember that activity.

  4. Looking at your nice pictures makes me miss the snow even more than I already do. O for some here in Toronto. I am glad everyone at your house is taking advantage of it.

  5. Wow, your pictures make me miss the snow even more. O for some snow here in Toronto. I am glad your family is taking advantage of it.

  6. our attitude to snow was the exact same as yours, until these last two years!
    Finally after two weeks, to hear the girls say 'oh not MORE snow?' was a totally out of place experience lol.
    I guess your two are enjoying it no end, and lessons can always be caught up later :D Drop some marshmallows in the hot choc from us :D

  7. Gorgeous snow.

    I do the same thing when the local schools have a rare snow day here. It's hard to concentrate on school work when all the neighbor kids are out making tracks:)


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