Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bake Your Way to Happiness

Or something like that. In an effort to rid myself of a dispirited, bah-humbug frame of mind, I have flung myself into some baking this afternoon. So far, I've made cupcakes (26), and a dozen cinnamon/orange/cranberry muffins are in the oven now. I've never made the muffins before; if they turn out nicely, I'll post the recipe. Here they are! I have high hopes for them.
I'm planning on a white chocolate peppermint buttercream for the as-yet-unfrosted cupcakes.

Some of the cupcakes turned out a little wonky-looking, but it's nothing a heap o' frosting can't fix. Like a lot of things in life.

MUFFIN UPDATE: They were awful. The fresh cranberries were so tart that the muffins were inedible. Oh, well. I guess the birds will be glad.

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  1. Sorry about the muffins. Cranberry/orange is one of my favorite sweet breads. I sometimes make them into muffins by using the sweet bread recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. It works pretty well, you just adjust the cooking time. I also add some orange extract to make them extra orange-y.

    I haven't even started baking or candy making. I didn't keep up with my cleaning last week and my children have no presents under the tree. (I wonder what I did last week.) This week isn't starting out focused on Christmas, either. It doesn't really matter, though. Friday is coming, whether we are as ready as we want to be or not. We won't really suffer, either.


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