Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mixing Bowl.Com: Fabulous Recipe and Cooking Website

I wanted to let you know about a fabulous website I recently discovered after I bought the print magazine. It's called, and the tagline is: "Food and friends made fresh daily." Touting itself as an online recipe community, the website is huge. I could easily spend weeks perusing the pages and pages of recipes and groups for the home cook. Historically for me, I prefer to read about cooking rather than actually cook. In fact, I own quite a collection of cookbooks, which I love to read. But is inspirational even for me, especially with such groups as "Dinners Anyone Can Make" and "Affordable Dinners...FAST!" Even more tempting was the "heavenly gelato" reference on the home page. I clicked on the link and read the recipe for Nutella Gelato. I adore Nutella -- I've been known to eat it from the jar with a spoon. Alas, I don't have a mixer with a paddle, nor do I own an ice cream freezer, and the recipe instructions about carefully mixing the egg mixture into the hot milk mixture to temper the eggs AND then mixing thoroughly after each spoonful of Nutella sounded tiresome to me. (Note the group names listed above to which I was immediately drawn and you won't be surprised as to why the gelato recipe overwhelmed me.) But the idea of a Nutella gelato is heavenly. I can imagine what it tastes like, and imagination is calorie-free.


  1. I've also been known to eat Nutella from the jar! Shocking! That we should let our standards slip so. I also put it in my porridge. But now this is getting just plain embarrassing.

  2. Jackie, I just know we are related somewhere along the line. It's the only explanation.


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