Literary Life

I am both a reader and a writer and have been since I can remember. There is no joy like losing yourself in a well-written story! I've written loads of book reviews and recommendations for those bibliophiles among us. And I also have a "What I'm Reading Right Now" highlight on my blog's home page. Why don't you join me!

As a writer, I depend on non-fiction work for my daily bread. Or weekly crust, as the case may be. However, I've dabbled in poetry, which I adore, and I've written a couple of children's short stories and have recently re-engaged with a YA fantasy novel in progress, which is a re-telling of an Irish folk tale.

As I carve out time, I will be adding links to my original work as well as book recommendations and other things pertaining to reading and writing. For now, peruse the labels on my home page: Books, Poetry, and Writing will get you going. And if you write, too, there are posts for you as well!

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